Thursday, August 4, 2011

Roderich Paesold 401E Violin Outfit 4/4

Price List Rp.7.776.000
Roderich Paesold 401E Violin Outfit 4/4
Full size violin outfit.Fully Set-up
Before we ship your violin, it will be set-up in our workshop by our specialist string repairer. Unlike many online retailers, we only sell fully set-up instruments. We do not sell 'out of the box'.
The set-up includes:

  • Adjusting the tuning pegs so they fit correctly and flush with the peg box.
  • Cutting and shaping the bridge - a violin from the supplier will come with a 'blank' bridge which needs to be cut and shaped to correctly fit each individual violin. The feet need to be correctly angled to sit on the instrument and the top of the bridge needs to be shaped to be in line with the curve of the finger-board. If the the bridge is not correctly fitted, the strings can be too high making it difficult to play and the bridge can even fall down.
  • Adjusting the top-nut so the strings lie correctly, allowing the violin to play properly.
  • Full size Paesold violin
  • Schroetter 1 star carbon fibre bow in black
  • Rigid fabric covered case in black with red lining, exterior accessory pocket, interior accessory compartments, space for 2 bows and shoulder strap
  • Rosin
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