Sunday, April 17, 2011

Ibanez RG1570

Price List Rp.10.690.000
Ibanez RG1570
The Ibanez RG Prestige series models, introduced in 1987 and still thriving and evolving, are world famous for their characteristic thin, fast necks, and hard-edged rock and metal tones. The RG Prestige models are now all made in Japan by Ibanez's finest luthiers, with Wizard necks with Prestige finishing, Edge Zero and Edge Pro bridges, and a broad range of intense pickups in different configurations. The RG Prestige series also includes seven and eight-string models. Watch these diabolical creations turn heads and warp minds with colors and specs inspired by the originals.

Neck Material: 5pc Maple/ Walnut
Neck Type: Wizard Prestige
Body: Basswood body
Frets: Jumbo frets
Fingerboard: Rosewood
Inlay: Pearl dot inlay
Bridge: Edge Pro bridge
NeckPU: V7
MiddlePU: S1
BridgePU: V8
HW Color: CK
Finishes: BK, CA
FEATURES   (click to enlarge)
Back view of the RG1570's 5-piece maple/walnut Wizard Prestige neck.
The RG1570/RG1550M can dial in any tone, from crystal clear to searing and nasty, thanks to its V7 neck pickup, S1 middle pickup and V8 bridge pickup combination.
In the last two decades, no other guitar maker besides Ibanez has done so much to advance the art and science of the tremolo. The Edge-PRO represents the next phase in locking tremolos.
FEATURES   (click to enlarge)
To avoid the problem of string holder blocks getting lost during string changes, the Edge-PRO’s sliding string holders are actually part of the bridge and won’t drop from the saddle unit.
With the Edge-PRO design, there’s no need to cut off the ball end of your strings when installing new strings.
The Edge-PRO features a unique Sound Metal Chip on each saddle which helps increase sustain right at the most critical area, the intonation point.
  • Precision-made in Japan by Ibanez’s finest luthiers
  • Super Wizard neck features the legendary ultra-thin, ultra-flat Wizard 17mm neck dimensions, but with 5-pc construction and KTS™ Titanium reinforcement rods for even greater strength (RG3000 series models)
  • RG Prestige fixed bridge models feature Tight-End bridge for maximum string vibration
  • RG3000 series models feature genuine made-in-USA DiMarzio® pickups
  • 6-, 7-, and 8-string models available
  • Includes deluxe Prestige case (most models)
    a: Width at Nut43mm
    b: Width Last Fret58mm
    c: Thickness 1st Fret18mm
    d: Thickness 12th Fret20mm
    Bridge Pickup
    Name:VINTAGE 8
    Model No:V8
    Description:Warm yet articulate lead pickup with enhanced overtones. Good harmonics without excessive brightness.
    Middle Pickup
    Name:SINGLE 1
    Model No:S1
    Construction:Single Coil
    Description:Traditional-sounding yet high output single coil with Alnico-5 polepieces for even string output. Designed to work with humbuckers in the split position.
    Neck Pickup
    Name:VINTAGE 7
    Model No:V7
    Description:Tight, but bright. Very dynamic for chording and rhythm.
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