Thursday, April 21, 2016

AKAI MPD218 Playable Pad Controller

Price List Rp.1.700.000
AKAI MPD218 Playable Pad Controller
AKAI MPD218 Feature-Packed, Highly Playable Pad Controller
The MPD2 Series is a product of over six years of detailed customer research and user feedback. We asked what you wanted and we listened closely. We took what you told us and turned it into the most capable and user-friendly line of pad controllers Akai Professional has developed to date.

The MPD218 is a MIDI-over-USB pad controller perfect for producers, programmers, musicians and DJs alike. Its intuitive blend of MPC controls and technologies mesh with easy USB connectivity to bring the feel of classic beat making into the world of computer music production.

Experience the Difference
First, we stepped up our game by adding new, ultra sensitive Thick Fat MPC pads, creating an amazingly responsive user experience. The MPD218 also has an expanded control set of six knobs in three banks versus one control on the previous MPD18 model. This will enable you to maximize your sound and give you increased control over effects.

MIDI information is sent over its plug-and-play USB interface for use on Mac or PC, eliminating the need to install any drivers. The USB connection powers the MPD218 so the included USB cable is all you need.

Along with the improved functionality we’ve added iOS compatibility using the Camera Connection Kit (sold separately) and included over $400 of free software. Titles include: Akai Pro MPC Essentials, Big Bang Drums and Big Bang Cinematic Percussion from Sonivox, Ableton Live Lite, and Software Preset Editor.

Our MPD2 Series marks an important evolution of the pad controller. Many years of research and customer feedback has led directly to some of the most capable pad controllers we’ve ever developed. These MPDs are the perfect bridge between your creativity and your computer-based studio.
  • 16 Thick Fat backlit MPC pads
  • 48 assignable pads accessible via 3 banks
  • 18 assignable 360-dgree potentiometers accessible via 3 banks
  • MPC Note Repeat and Full Level
  • iOS compatible using the Camera Connection Kit (sold separately)
  • 16 configurable presets
  • USB powered, no AC adapter required
  • Includes Ableton Live Lite, Akai Pro MPC Essentials, Sonivox Big Bang Cinematic Percussion and Big Bang Universal Drums
  • Macintosh: 1.25 GHz G4/G5 or faster (Intel Mac recommended), 1 GB RAM (2 GB recommended), Mac OS X 10.4.11 (10.5 or later recommended)
  • PC: 1.5 GHz Pentium 4 Celeron-compatible CPU or faster (multicore CPU recommended); 1 GB RAM (2GB recommended); Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, or Windows XP; Windows-compatible sound card (ASIO driver support recommended); QuickTime recommended
  • Available USB port

Saturday, April 16, 2016

Behringer X AIR X18

Price List Rp.15.710.000
Behringer X AIR X18
18-Channel, 12-Bus Digital Mixer for iPad/Android Tablets with 16 Programmable MIDAS Preamps, Integrated Wifi Module and Multi-Channel USB Audio Interface
The BEHRINGER X32 completely changed the game by rethinking what is possible from a digital mixer – and over 100,000 users are enjoying the results. Now, that same technology has been incorporated into a small, but incredibly powerful, rack-mountable mixer that will forever change both the way you record – and the way you play live music. The revolutionary X18 is a powerhouse 18 input/12 bus digital mixer that also serves as the launch pad for your favorite computer tablet – including iPad and Android tablets. It is ideally suited for both live and studio applications, thanks to its 16 award-winning MIDAS-designed mic preamps, convenient integrated Wifi module for wireless control – and a lightning-fast, bidirectional USB Audio Interface.

  • iPad*/Android* tablet controlled 18-input digital mixer for studio and live applications
  • 16 award-winning MIDAS-designed, fully programmable mic preamps for audiophile sound quality
  • Built-In Tri-Mode Wifi router for direct operation—no need for external routers
  • 18 x 18 channel, bidirectional USB interface for direct recording on iPad etc.
  • Revolutionary Dugan*-style Auto-Mixing automatically manages microphone gain sharing
  • Award-winning X32 effects rack featuring 4 stereo FX slots including high-end simulations such as Lexicon 480L* and PCM70*, EMT250* and Quantec QRS* etc.
  • 100-band Real Time Analyzer (RTA) for all channel and bus EQ's
  • ULTRANET connectivity for BEHRINGER's P-16 Personal Monitoring System*
  • Ultra-wide tray suitable for almost all tablets, iPads and even mini notebooks
  • 6 aux and main LR buses with inserts, full dynamics processing and 6-band parametric or 31-band graphic EQ
  • 6 TRS aux outputs and 2 XLR main outputs plus stereo RCA output and phones connectors
  • 40-Bit floating-point DSP features "unlimited" dynamic range with no internal overload and near-zero overall latency
  • Free iOS, Android and PC/Mac*/Linux* apps available for remote operation via Ethernet, LAN or WiFi
  • MIDI In/Out allows controlling the mixer via MIDI equipment (incl. Mackie Control* protocol) or for use as a USB MIDI interface (future firmware)
  • Future firmware updates, incl. new FX “Plug Ins”, downloadable from free of charge
  • Conceived and designed by BEHRINGER Germany
The freedom to move around and manipulate all parameters of your mix with the free iOS, Android and PC apps lets you dial in the perfect sound from anywhere in the venue – or the tracking room! Advanced engineering and meticulous design deliver stellar sonic performance at an extremely affordable price – changing the game once again.

MIDAS – The Legend in Sound Quality
Ever since its formation in the 1970s, MIDAS has had a long history of innovation and leadership in the world of audio mixing consoles. Employed by the most famous touring acts and installations worldwide, legendary MIDAS consoles such as the XL4 and Heritage H3000 quickly became industry standards. MIDAS has earned their impeccable reputation due to their no-compromise approach for audio and build quality and in particular for their award-winning Mic Preamps which are considered by industry experts as the industry’s best sounding designs. Building on this legacy, the XL8 and PRO Series of Live Mixing Systems continue this great heritage of award-winning audio quality. BEHRINGER is proud to incorporate MIDAS designed mic preamps for the ultimate in high quality audio reproduction in both live and studio environments. Find out more about MIDAS’ amazing legacy by visiting their extensive website.

Built-In Tri-Mode Wifi Router
Designed for the ultimate in mobility, the X18 comes with an integrated Wifi module for direct control of your mixer’s functions – without the need to setup and configure an external router. The X18 gives you the freedom to focus on your mix, while allowing you to move about the venue to experience what every part of the audience is hearing. Plus you can adjust live monitor wedges from the artist’s perspective – or better yet, let them mix their own IEMs and floor monitors via their own tablets. Access Point is the easiest way to connect up to 4 clients directly and concurrently (i.e., iPad, Android smartphone/tablet or laptop). This mode should have your remote control up and running in less than a minute. Wifi Client allows you to add your mixer to the existing wireless network where the controlling apps and devices are connected. Alternately, wired connections can be made directly to your PC, to a local area network (LAN), or when connecting to a dedicated Wifi router, e.g., for extended range or 5 GHz applications.

Recording Simplified
The incredibly fast and comprehensive 18 x 18 channel, bi-directional USB interface makes the X18 an amazingly powerful digital mixing solution for recording directly to your iPad or PC. Dial in the perfect monitoring mix with effects and zero-latency, while sending up to 16 microphone signals – and the keyboard player’s MIDI notes to your DAW for recording. Whether you’re making rock history in the studio, or you want to capture intimate live performances – it’s never been easier to record stunning tracks with exceptional clarity.

YAMAHA Surface Mount Speaker VXS3F & VXS3FT

Price List VXS3F Rp.1.500.000 / Pair
Price List VXS3FT Rp.1.900.000 / Pair
YAMAHA Surface Mount Speaker VXS3F & VXS3FT
Style and Substance
Surface mount speakers can play an integral role in both the visual and auditory atmosphere you choose to create in your commercial space. The sleek curves and attractive, minimalist design of Yamaha's VXS3F and VXS3FT speakers make them easily adaptable to any commercial environment seeking a unique, subtle complement to the overall aesthetic. And their performance is just as impressive; featuring a speaker unit optimally tuned for high-resolution music playback, and a flexible, intuitive design, these speakers offer everyone involved in the installation process—from installers and owners to end users— a simple, streamlined solution to easily integrate high-quality audio into an impressive variety of restaurant, retail, or professional environments. By combining this subtle, attractive design with the strict attention to sound quality that has earned Yamaha worldwide renown, VXS3F and VXS3FT surface mount speakers prove that style and substance aren't always mutually exclusive.

YAMAHA VXS3FT ( High Impedance Model )

YAMAHA VXS3FT ( Low Impedance Model )

Attractive, Discreet Design for Elegant Spaces
The polished presence of the VXS3F or VXS3FT can add stylish appeal to any environment. These speakers present a slim installed profile that appears to float in space, blending easily with just about any décor. The size of the speaker enclosure has been reduced as much as possible, while smoothly flowing lines and surfaces add visual charisma.

Sophisticated Natural Sound
The VXS3F and VXS3FT deliver refined, naturally pleasing sound. In order to provide richly expressive music playback even at low volume, Yamaha has applied years of accumulated skill and experience in tuning the system for the most natural reproduction of musical instruments as well as human voices. Careful selection of the highest quality drivers and components also elevates overall quality.

Choose the Model that Meets Your Needs
The VXS3F and VXS3FT are designed to deliver the same outstanding performance in different installed settings*. The VXS3F is ideal for smaller installations such as retail stores where just a few speakers will be used to cover the service area. Wide dispersion allows effective coverage with a minimum number of speakers. The VXS3FT is preferred when a large number of speakers will be required to cover an expansive or complex area. Connection taps allow volume (output watts) to be adjusted after installation for added flexibility. * The VXS3F and VXS3FT feature the same enclosure, but are supplied with different mounting brackets.

Designer's Comments
The compact VXS3F and VXS3FT feature an elegantly sculpted exterior design that visually expresses the outstanding quality and clarity of their sound. Gracefully flowing curves from rear to front represent the directness of the sound, while the triangular cross section makes optimum use of the space between walls and ceiling for seamless, efficient installation. With a design that creates the illusion of floating gently in space rather than appearing as a mechanical “unit” attached to a surface as an afterthought, these speakers are ideal for owners and proprietors who want to provide the highest sound quality without disrupting their interior décor. - Takenori OMACHI, Yamaha Design Laboratory -

Yamaha VXS3F / VXS3FW
Compact surface-mount speakers elegantly blend into any interior décor (Low-impedance models)

  • 3.5” full-range speaker units
  • Low-impedance model for small installations
  • Attractive, discreet design complements elegant décor
  • Dedicated design-enhancing bracket included
  • Acoustic design for sophisticated, natural reproduction
  • Individual speakers cover a wide angle
  • Paintable enclosures and grilles
  • Black and white models available
  • 1.1kg (2.4 lbs)*, 
  • W 184mm x H 130mm x D 134 mm (W 7.3" x H 5.1" x D 5.3")* 
  • *Including bracket
Compact surface-mount speakers elegantly blend into any interior décor (High-impedance models)

  • 3.5” full-range speaker units
  • High-impedance model for large installations
  • Attractive, discreet design complements elegant décor
  • Supplied bracket with dedicated transformer complements the overall design
  • Acoustic design for sophisticated, natural reproduction
  • Individual speakers cover a wide angle
  • Paintable enclosures and grilles
  • Black and white models available
  • 1.7kg (3.7 lbs)*, 
  • W 184mm x H 178mm x D 139 mm (W 7.3" x H 7.0" x D 5.5")* *
  • Including bracket

General specifications
Speaker type
Full-range, Acoustic suspension
Full-range, Acoustic suspension
Frequency range (-10dB)
130Hz -20kHz
130Hz -20kHz
Nominal coverage
3.5" Cone
3.5" Cone
Power rating
Nominal impedance
Sensitivity (1W; 1m on axis)
86dB SPL *1
86dB SPL *1
Peak (Calculated)
105dB SPL
I/O connectors
1x Euroblock (4P) (Input: + / -, Loop Thru: + / -)
1x Barrier strip (Input: + / -)
Protection circuit
Load protection
Full-range power limiting for protecting network and transducers
Full-range power limiting for protecting network and transducers
VXS3F: Black (approx. Munsell N3), VXS3FW: White (approx. Munsell N9)
VXS3FT: Black (approx. Munsell N3), VXS3FTW: White (approx. Munsell N9)
184mm (7.3") *2
184mm (7.3") *2
130mm (5.1") *2
130mm (5.1") *2, 178mm (7.0") *2,*3
94mm (3.7") *2, 134mm (5.3") *2,*3
94mm (3.7") *2, 139mm (5.5") *2,*3
Net weight
1.0kg (2.2lbs), 1.1kg (2.4lbs)*4
1.0kg (2.2lbs), 1.7kg (3.7lbs) *4
Bracket Gear, Bracket Base, Bracket Cover, Safety Wire
Bracket Gear, Bracket Base (with transformer), Bracket Cover, Safety Wire
Packaged in pairs
Packaged in pairs
UL1480, NFPA70, CE, RoHS
UL1480, NFPA70, CE, EAC, RoHS
Transformer taps
15W, 7.5W, 3.8W
15W, 7.5W, 3.8W, 1.9W
*1: Full-space(4π) , 200Hz to 10kHz pink noise
*2: In horizontal cabinet setup
*3: with bracket (in 0° setup)
*4: with bracket

Friday, April 15, 2016

Epiphone Limited Edition Lee Malia Signature Les Paul Custom

Price List Rp.15.990.000
Epiphone Limited Edition Lee Malia Signature Les Paul Custom
Ltd. Ed. Lee Malia Signature Les Paul Custom - With Gibson USA pickups and coil-splitting
Epiphone is proud to announce the Ltd. Ed. Lee Malia Signature Les Paul Custom. Inspired by the 70s era vintage classic Les Paul Artisan, the new Lee Malia Signature Les Paul Custom features a totally unique pickup combo of a Gibson P-94 in the rhythm position and a Gibson 84T-LM™ humbucker with coil-splitting in the bridge position.

Lee Malia is the lead guitarist for Bring Me The Horizon, the hard rocking British quintet that’s breaking new ground with their pioneering combination of metal and electronica. With the release of their latest album Sempiternal and a sold out U.S. tour, Bring Me the Horizon is quickly becoming one of the most talked about bands of the decade. And Lee Malia’s incredible technique and melodic style can be heard on stages around the world on his new Ltd. Ed. Epiphone Signature Les Paul Custom.

Product Features:
  • Gibson USA pickups
  • Classic Artisan Design
  • "1959" C-Profile Neck
  • Vintage style Walnut finish

Top Material
Body Material


Neck Material
Neck Shape
"1959" Rounded; C-Profile
Neck Joint
Glued-In, Set Neck
Scale Length


Epiphone Clipped-Ear
Headstock Inlay
"Epiphone" logo in pearloid Classic "Artisan" floral pattern in pearloid
Truss Rod
Truss Rod C over
Black "Bell" Shape; 2-layer (B/W) "Les Paul Ltd Ed Custom" in white
Fingerboard Material
Fingerboard Radius
Fingerboard Inlay
Classic "Artisan" floral pattern in pearloid
7-Layer body; Front and back (Ivory/Black), 5-Layer headstock (Ivory/Black), 1-Layer fingerboard (Ivory)
Ivory; Artificial Bone
Nut Width
Black; 3-layer (B/W/B); PVC


Machine Heads
Premium Diecast with metal "tulip" buttons; 14:1 ratio
LockTone™ Tune-o-matic
LockTone™ Stopbar
Plastic Parts
Black; PVC


Neck Pickup
Gibson USA P-94™ Single Coil
Bridge Pickup
Gibson USA 84T-LM™ Humbucker
1-Neck Volume, 1-Neck Tone, 1-Bridge Volume with coil-splitting, 1-Bridge Tone
Pickup Selector
3-way Toggle Switch, Epiphone All-Metal; Toggle Cap = White, Knobs Black tophats with metal inserts
Output Jack
Epiphone Exclusive Non-rotating, Heavy Duty Output Jack
Metal Output
Jack Plate


Walnut (gloss)
"Lee Malia" signature on back of headstock
"Limited Edition" logo on back of headstock
Epiphone StrapLocks
Hard Case (940-ENLPCS), Case UPC = 711106261591
Epiphone Limited Lifetime
D’Addario® 10, 13, 17, 26, 36, 46

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Fender Sergio Vallin Signature Guitar

Price List Rp.14.800.000
Fender Sergio Vallin Signature Guitar
More About Sergio Vallin Signature Guitar
Electrifying Mexican quartet Maná is the world’s biggest Latin rock band, thanks in no small part to the masterful guitar work of Sergio Vallín. Fender and Vallín have now collaborated closely on the Sergio Vallín Signature guitar model, one of the most distinctive instruments in the Fender Artist series. With a brand-new offset body shape, tonally versatile HSS pickup layout with special switching, and other special appointments, it’s a bold new Fender design loaded with pure Vallín sound, personality and playability.


Model Name:
Sergio Vallin Signature Guitar, Rosewood Fingerboard, 3-Color Sunburst
Model Number:

3-Color Sunburst


Olympic White




Hot Rod Red

3-Color Sunburst

Body Shape:
Body Material:
Body Finish:
Gloss Urethane


Neck Material:
Neck Shape:
Modern "C"
Scale Length:
25.5" (648 mm)
Fingerboard Radius:
9.5" (241 mm)
Number of Frets:
Fret Size:
Medium Jumbo
String Nut:
Synthetic Bone
Nut Width:
1.685" (42.8 mm)
Neck Plate:
5-Bolt "F" Stamped
Neck Finish:
Satin Urethane Finish on Back of Neck with Gloss Urethane Headstock Face
Position Inlays:
White Dot


Bridge Pickup:
FSV Humbucking
Middle Pickup:
FSV Single Coil Strat
Neck Pickup:
FSV Single Coil Strat
Master Volume
Pickup Switching:
5-Position Rotary Selector Switch: Pos. 1 (Fully Counterclockwise): Bridge Pickup. Pos. 2: Bridge and Middle Pickups. Pos. 3: Neck and Bridge Pickup. Pos. 4: Neck and Middle Pickup. Pos. 5: Neck Pickup.
Pickup Configuration:
Special Electronics:
Push-Pull Switch On Volume; In "Up" Position Signal Is Sent Through Humbucker Bypassing Volume And Pickup Switch


2-Point Synchronized Tremolo with Block Saddles
Tuning Machines:
Deluxe Staggered Cast/Sealed Locking with Vintage-Style Buttons
4-Ply Tortoiseshell
Control Knobs:
Black Plastic


Fender® USA 250L, NPS, (.009-.042 Gauges)
Unique Features:
Decorative Chrome Plate Under Bridge with Artist Signature Stamp, 5-Bolt Neck Plate, No Back Tremolo Cover Plate, Artist Signature on Front of Headstock
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